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Our History

The Kingscourt School was established in 1999 after a joint venture between two siblings went bad. Originally named St Ann’s International School. it was set up as one of niche basic school to develop children from deprived community and nurture them to aspire to a greater academic laurel, to provide co curricular programmes that afford children skills in Tae kwon do, swimming, music and arts and public speaking. It served as a boost to their personality and self confidence.  

In 1999, after the joint partnership ended the Lebanon branch of the school changed its name to Martin Luther King Jnr Schools. Where as St Ann’s was maintained Until 2004 even then our final years BECE wrote under that name until 2007. The school was then re-designated as Kingscourt International School ( The Kingscourt School)

The school participated in a lot academic and non academic competition. Notable among which was coming first in Ghana at 50 March past held in Tema, on 6th March, 2007. With several academic laurels .

Our alumni continue to extend far and wide in various fields of endeavours. Like medicine, law, Business, Arts and Engineering. 

Nearly 91% of students who complete their basic school in Kingscourt end up in the tertiary level. 


Kingscourt Street 
Ashaiman official Town. 



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